Drone Inspection Saves Time, Money & Lives


Drones  aren’t just for snooping, spying, stealth attacks from above, and  pranks anymore. The oft-maligned technology is now in the business of  saving lives, by going where humans can’t go without taking on  considerable risk.

Industrial  inspection is the niche that screams out for remotely operated aerial  vehicles, as they are sometimes known. Jobs that once required people  dangling from ropes, or atop precarious scaffolding, are now about as  risky as playing a video game. One of the biggest causes of industrial  fatalities comes from falls from heights. Our technique is reducing the  need for people to work at height.

That  technique involves more than sending up a drone. We use two highly  skilled employees for every job. One is a trained drone pilot, the other  a trained engineer. 

There  are many examples of the benefit of drones vs. traditional approaches.  The Department of Transportation (MDOT) recently completed a study on  the benefits of using drones to inspect roads and bridges. MDOT  estimated that a standard bridge deck inspection costs $4,600, takes  eight hours, a crew of four people and heavy equipment. The same  inspection with a drone takes just two people and two hours, at a  significantly lower cost.


Serving North Idaho, Eastern Washington and Western Montana. 

Specifically the cities of Sandpoint Idaho, Coeur d'Alene Idaho, Bonners Ferry Idaho and Spokane Washington

Tower Inspection, Roof Inspection, Construction Inspection -We do it all

Tower Inspection, Roof Inspection, Construction Inspection -We do it all