Drones Are Changing The Marketing Industry


  1. Drones as a physical medium: they are used to physically reach consumers in new and innovative ways. Disruption potential: medium
  2. Drones as actors: they are used by marketers in video commercials as surprising flying objects bringing the “wow” factor. Disruption potential: low
  3. Drones as videographer tools: they are used in commercials to produce innovative video content and offer new perspectives. Disruption potential: high
  4. Drones as a hub of emerging technologies:  integrated with other technologies (such as VR/AR*, cloud, IoT* etc),  drones are opening the path to disruptive ways to gather data and market  to target audiences. Disruption potential: huge!

An example of using aerial photography in marketing is in the golf industry.

The  golf industry is in trouble and drone solutions may be able to fly in  and save the day. Golf rounds played dropped 4.9 percent in 2013  according to a report by the National Golf Foundation. The high cost of  entry as well as the decline of middle-class buying power, has led to an  increase in course closures over the past decade. As in many  industries, drones may help revive the game by offering better marketing  solutions via aerial videography.

The  number of drones that have been used on golf courses to create  marketing videos and also to maintain the resort is growing. Creating  professional golf course drone videos is an exceptional way to increase  memberships and to maintain the golf course to a high standard.  Potential new members get an aerial view of the golf course showing the  beauty of the golf course and its surrounding countryside.

An  interactive drone golf course aerial video where each hole can be  examined for best club selection would assist existing members to play  better.  An interactive hole by hole video can also be used to market  the golf course. There is an example in the “Portfolio” section of our  site of an interactive hole by hole aerial video.

This is just one example of how you can showcase your facilities with spectacular aerial views.


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Aerial Photos of Your Golf Course Attracts New Customers

Aerial Photos of Your Golf Course Attracts New Customers